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Advancing Inclusive Research: Establishing Collaborative Strategies to Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials

TitleAdvancing Inclusive Research: Establishing Collaborative Strategies to Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsGarrick O, Mesa R, Ferris A, Kim ES, Mitchell E, Brawley OW, Carpten J, Carter KD, Coney J, Winn R, Monroe S, Sandoval F, Perez E, Williams M, Grove E, Highsmith Q, Richie N, Begelman SM, Collins AS, Freedman J
JournalEthnicity & DiseaseEthnicity & Disease
Date Published//Winter2022<br/>Winter2022
ISBN Number1049510X
KeywordsClinical Trial Design, clinical trials, COVID-19, Diversity in clinical trials, health care disparities, Health Equity, Medical care, minority health, Personalized Health Care
AbstractWell-characterized disparities in clinical research have disproportionately affected patients of color, particularly in underserved communities. To tackle these barriers, Genentech formed the External Council for Advancing Inclusive Research, a 14-person committee dedicated to developing strategies to increase clinical research participation. To help improve the recruitment and retention of patients of color, this article chronicles our efforts to tangibly address the clinical research barriers at the system, study, and patient levels over the last four years. These efforts are one of the initial steps to fully realize the promise of personalized health care and provide increased patient benefit at less cost to society. Instead of simply acknowledging the problem, here we illuminate the collaborative and multilevel strategies that have been effective in delivering meaningful progress for patients. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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